Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i was about to go on a rant about something or other because i was in a foul, foul mood.

but it took me awhile to remember how to log in, since it's been ohhh say, almost a year, since i last updated... and now i've forgotten what i was so angry about. (i just realized the last time i wrote anything was july 23rd of last year; it's june 23rd today)... and what an awful, awful year it's been.

ha.. i've figured out the path to anger management. memory loss.

that makes no sense.

something tells me that the only way to continue writing poetry/stories/the like is to force myself to. i've hit a road block for awhile now. but i'm afraid of losing it. so even if i write crap, i ought to keep writing...

thought of the day: marriage. it's a scary thing. and people are probably better off without it.

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Mishty Kumra said...

This made me laugh :D